Conscious Fashion: Olympic Gold

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So the whole world has gone sports mad it seems! Even for the least likely sports enthusiasts, it is difficult to deny the infectious feeling that the Olympics have brought over the past couple of weeks. The bright lights of London have kept us all transfixed, whether you prefer basketball or swimming, athletics or gymnastics, it’s hard to think that the whirlwind has come to an end. The medals have been won, the sports kits hung up. But I can’t help but be inspired by this momentous event every time it comes around; who doesn’t think that they could have been the 100m champion if only they’d worked harder in P.E class? Although sportswear may conjure up images of dodgy school sports uniforms and unattractive gym ensembles, in many ways sportswear is a powerful weapon for all of us. Whether you’re a regular yoga-goer, or a professional level footballer, your kit provides everything from confidence to pride.

What is sure to instil a whole new level of pride in what you’re wearing on the sports field, is making sure your kit does for the environment what it does for you- protects and enhances. It seems that major sports brands are making this an easier choice for you to make; who knew that Puma is one such brand? A couple of years ago the company launched a new packaging and distribution system to save more than 60% annually on water and paper waste. Their Puma Vision initiative also provides a platform for their humanitarian and environmental goals. The three categorises within Puma Vision are Puma Safe which deals with working conditions, Puma Peace which encourages people to play football in order to bind communities together, and also Puma Creative which provides  a stage for international creative exchange.

So it seems that Puma is leading the pack in terms of sustainable sportswear, so go grab your kit and get involved!

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