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Designer Spotlight: IADORNU Accessories

Designer Spotlight: IADORNU Accessories

New York Fashion Week wrapped last week and certainly unveiled all the hottest fashions and spotlight-stealing trends. While you rock your pre-fall fashions, focus in on quality jewelry to pull your look together. Don beautifully minimalistic accessories designed by Mary Beth Heishman of IADORNU. The […]

Linked to Fashion: Accessorize Your Summer

my favorite accessories I am a huge advocate for accessories and lots of them! I tend to dress in basic colors, but add my color through my accessories by adding a bright colored scarf, necklace, shoes, or watches! For my birthday this year I was […]

Designer Spotlight: RED WOLF treasures

For some of us college fashionistas, school is coming to end! Make way for spring/summer trends and styles! While many of you are refreshing your wardrobes with pastel denim, neon blouses and high tops, don’t forget to ditch the preppy pearls. This spring is all […]

Designer Spotlight: Rayna Jaye

Spring has shown us some amazing clothing trends, but amongst pastel denim and neon blazers are spotlight stealing accessories. Amongst minimalistic jewelry, gladiator sandals, aviator shades & canvas backpacks comes hair accessories. Ditch the braided buns and let your locks down,  Rayna Jaye ‘s turban style headbands are perfect for pairing […]

Designer Spotlight: Dana-Bands Hair Accessories

Ah, 2012, the epitome of “New Year, New You!” As we step into the early stages of spring semester, I’d like to ring in the New Year with a new column, Designer Spotlight. This is all about up & coming designers that create incredible products […]

Conscious Fashion: What’s Poppin’

Have you ever seen people collecting pop tabs? Were you then struck by the question: What can someone possibly do with a million pop tabs? Escama Studio has devised an ingenious solution for this question. It turns out that with a million pop tabs (okay […]

Couture Buys for the College Budget: New Year’s Eve Ensemble

  (Axparis Dress $64, Nelly Heels $24, Nordstrom Clutch $41, Dorothy Perkins Earrings $14) Time for music, dancing, and popping bottles! The event that every Fashionista has been awaiting is just days away. This year, stand out from the crowd in an ensemble worth remembering; Dolce and […]