Conscious Fashion: From Russia With Love

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Natalia Vodianova is the perfect embodiment of a supermodel; she’s got the body, the face and has proved she has the staying power- countless magazine covers and ad campaigns, and we still love her. But what’s even better is her commitment to her home country; the Russian beauty is well known for her work through the Naked Heart Foundation which she set up in order to bring to post-communist Russia something which a lot of us take for granted; children’s playgrounds. Founded in 2005, in the aftermath of the Beslan school siege, the foundation has brought vibrant colours and playful hopes to thousands of children across the country.

More recently, Vodianova has enlisted the help from none other than her own daughter, Neva Vodianova Portman. The adorable 5 year old models a children’s range designed by Caramel Baby and Child, the proceeds of which are to benefit the Naked Heart Foundation. The clothes are even available in adult’s sizes, so you can just imagine how cute a matching mother and daughter would be!

The supermodel has never had the image associated with your average party-going, high-flying fashion model, and even though her career saw her being plucked from poverty-stricken obscurity to being a fashion icon worth millions, her feet have remained firmly on the ground. Giving back to her home country is a number one priority, and one which proves she’s more superwoman and supermodel.

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