Conscious Fashion: Butter Me Up

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Butter isn’t exactly a word that conjures up images of colour and glamour, is it? Yet the cosmetics company butter LONDON is on its way to do just that. I first came across the brand when it became the latest cosmetics line to be stocked in the store that I work in. The bright colours and high class packaging caught my eye, but I immediately dismissed it as yet another over-priced brand, offering nail polishes that are going to chip and crack just as easily as more budget-friendly household names. That is until I tried it myself! It glides onto your fingernails so easily and the colours are to die for. Nail polish fiends like myself will also be glad to know that it actually stays on your fingernails after you’ve painted them, so it is definitely worth the extra money for that sought-after staying power.

The company is based in London and appears to have gathered a cult following everywhere, from the cosmetics professionals backstage at fashion week, to the regular customers I serve every day. As well as being a top quality product, it has managed to achieve this without the use of harmful toxins and chemicals that are usually found in everyday cosmetics lines such as Formaldehyde or DBP. Butter LONDON was also the first cosmetics company to sell non-toxic nail polish to the United States, if that’s not impressive I don’t know what is!

Butter LONDON also offers lipsticks, foot creams and just about everything else you need to make sure you’re doused with colour this summer from top to toe!

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