Design DIY: Magnetic Makeup Display

Makeup bags can become unruly and turn into a mysterious abyss. With this week’s Design DIY, Carbon will assist you with organizing your chaos with a how-to magnetic makeup display straight from our editor, Hilary Pendleton. Here’s what you’ll need: Magnets (From Harbor Freight 10 

Design DIY: Foiled Garland

With the end of the school year upon us, I can’t help but count down the days (T-Minus: 2 months). So like any premature party planner,  I am currently envisioning my big day filled with family, friends, double kegs, a classy yet sassy graduation dress, 

Design DIY: Leather Bow

I had a third grade teacher who rocked a colossal bow everyday – we all made fun of her. But when I laid my eyes on this sweet leather bow – I found myself appreciating my elementary school teachers’ adornment. Albeit, this bow is much 

Design DIY: Collar Tips

Having a hard time accessorizing your button down? Don’t fret little one, Carbon has your back! Or rather, your collar. Adding some kick-ass metal collar tips will transform your basic button down into a beguiling blouse with a hint of bad ass. Original idea and 

Design DIY: DIY Valentines Day Ombre Cards

Valentine’s Day can be a day filled with stale chocolates, surprise flowers that are actually intended for your roommate, annoying balloons and creepy stuffed animals. At Carbon Magazine, we’d like to supply you with an idea that is good for all of our beloved fans 

Design DIY: Sunglasses Showcase

Everything should have a place, however, my small sunglasses collection kept finding a way to make my night stand unmanageably unorganized. After mistaking my shades for my alarm clock, consequently destroying another pair of sunglasses, I decided it was time to corral my sunnies with 

Design DIY: Glittered Keys

Everyday items can always use some sparkle. In my case, it was my janitor ring of keys. I don’t have any special keychains, and my keys are strung to a plain lanyard, so it was time for some sprucing up to my mundane set of 

Design DIY: Tea Tree Oil Body Scrub

Ahhh…the first month of the New Year, a time for renewing, reviving, and hell – why not exfoliating? I found a perfect DIY body scrub online and tried it out after a horrific case of the Mondays. I scrubbed the anxiety and concerns of the 

Design DIY: Tie Dye Nails

Nail art has become quite the phenomenon this year. From retro chevron patterns, inverse french manicures, to ombre, the possibilities and patterns are endless. Changing your nails is an inexpensive way to experiment with your style and creativity. I am somewhat notorious for having a 

Design DIY: Shark Tooth Necklace

After an intense movie marathon that comprised of me, my new purple robe, matching slippers (thanks Mom!), and my boyfriend: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – I was on my last leg and watching the romantic comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I couldn’t help but wonder