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Linked to Fashion: Bumming It

We all have days where we don’t exactly feel like doing anything more than rolling out of bed and going. Those days we want to just wear sweatpants, but still look presentable in public. College Gloss tells us how to put together a “bumming it” […]

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Holiday season is upon us which means packed stores and bitter cold weather! Shopping during the winter doesn’t have to be miserable. In this day and age everything is at our fingertips. To stay warm and dodge the crowds, online shopping is the way to […]

Linked to Fashion: Get Your Maxi On!

According to College Gloss, it’s time to jump on the Maxi skirt band wagon! With many weather changes happening around us, we’re looking for ways to still be fashion forward, comfortable and warm! A maxi skirt is a great way to achieve all of the […]

Linked to Fashion: Winter Trends

Fall has quickly turned into winter in my neck of the woods! College Gloss shows us what this winter’s trends are in “Casual Sophistication: Trends for this Winter.” The warm colors of the fall will translate over into the winter season also. Think warm colors […]

Linked to Fashion: Secrets to Vintage Shopping

Fashion is timeless. Vintage shopping and thrifting are great ways to find incredible retro clothing! I’m not very good at vintage shopping, but Life2PointOh gives people like me some great pointers. Researching places online is a great way to start. It will cut your time […]

Linked to Fashion: High-End Meets Affordable

You should all realize by now that I am all about affordable fashion. I have addressed my love for H&M numerous times and now they have joined forces with none other than Versace. H&M has a wonderful way of collaborating with the best of the […]

Linked to Fashion: Layers of Style

One thing I love about fall is layering! Layering allows you to add more and more and even more style! College Gloss has a great article about how to stay chic by showing “5 ways to layer your outfits.” They were inspired by the October […]

Linked to Fashion: Frugal Fashionistas

In the fashion world, its easy to get caught up in “brands” and the most expensive top notch products. I do think that that world is something to aspire to, but for 20-somethings who can’t afford Balenciaga and YSL, we have to find fashion at […]

Linked to Fashion: Fall Fashion Must-Haves

College Gloss brings us a wonderful article on their favorite fall must-have accessories. I love accessories from jewelry to shoes. Accessories can help you play up your outfit and add a little spunk or color where it may have been lacking.┬áCollege Gloss shares with us […]

Linked to Fashion: Closet Organization

Fashion isn’t always about how you wear your clothing or accessories, but also how you maintain them in your space. Organization is a key feature of keeping your clothing, accessories and shoes easy to find and in tip top shape. The first step in de-cluttering […]