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Conscious Fashion: Styles of Hope

Everyone has a story and, in the case of Sseko Designs, so does every shoe. Handcrafted by women in Uganda, the stories behind these shoes are ones of hope. In a country impoverished by war and dominated by men, studying at a university seems out […]

From the Editor: Style Your Life

Style doesn’t always apply to your clothes. Good use of style can be seen in other aspects of life, such as food, beauty and even your home. Fantastic design can do wonders for your mood and improve your quality of life. This is why I […]

Conscious Fashion: Design Lust

Eight years ago while walking through the mall with friends, I saw the most exquisite pair of sandals. Featuring a half-inch heel and smooth leather construction, these sandals made my mouth drop. But, the real knock-out element was the sandal strap detail. The top strap […]

Conscious Fashion: Charity Dilemma

“What is the one most important thing our society needs? …That would be harsher punishment for parole violators… [silence] And world peace!” Modern society and pop culture (*cough*cough*Miss Congeniality anyone?) often make world peace the butt of jokes. But is it really such a silly notion to […]

Conscious Fashion: What’s Poppin’

Have you ever seen people collecting pop tabs? Were you then struck by the question: What can someone possibly do with a million pop tabs? Escama Studio has devised an ingenious solution for this question. It turns out that with a million pop tabs (okay […]

Funky Fixes: DIY Wall Art

Decorating my new apartment has been on my to-do list since, well, moving in. Decorations add a personal touch to any space and can instantly make a new place feel like home. Even though I truly believe this, it has been over two months and […]

Funky Fixes: Innovative Design

With a move into a new apartment on my upcoming agenda, I have design constantly on my mind. I’m currently swooning over the designs from Dust Furniture. This cabinet and clock are on the top of my wish list. To me, the furniture pieces from […]

Conscious Fashion: Design DIY

This Conscious Fashion column is not just for your closet.  As we learned from our friends, the Cotton Monsters, conscious fashion ideas are everywhere.  Recently, I visited a friend of mine, who lives with a few roomates.  Between them, they have come up with some […]