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Conscious Fashion: Fresh Looks

Groceries? Wait, I thought I was shopping for clothing. Luckily my eyesight isn’t going, and I haven’t completely lost it. The online eco-boutique I was perusing (that’s Future Standard, if you’re wondering) did list Groceries as one of the featured brands. Intrigued by this, I […]

Conscious Fashion: Sustainable Sips

As the weather warms up and the sun continues to make a daily appearance, I find myself constantly staring outside my window at work. To me, there are few better ways to enjoy a summer day than relaxing on a patio with friends and a refreshing […]

Conscious Fashion: Threads 4 Thought

Impacted by the tragic loss of life occurring in places such as Afghanistan and Darfur, Eric Fleet and his wife Leigh were inspired to develop a business that would engage consumers. Beginning as a small graphic tee and manufacturing business, Threads for Thought quickly grew into […]

Conscious Fashion: Sun, Sea & Swimwear

Who knows about beaches, good weather and looking good in the sun more than the Australians! As the summer has finally made an appearance and planning some holidays in the heat are all we can think about, the Australian swimwear brand Emobi gives us the […]

Designer Spotlight: Summer Style by Soriya Swim!

    The Trend This year, ditch your simple solid color halter swim suit. Make a summer statement by choosing something perfect for your style. Thyda Phev of Soriya Swim gives us an inside scoop on her company and her beautiful Brazilian styled designs! The […]

Linked to Fashion: Accessorize Your Summer

my favorite accessories I am a huge advocate for accessories and lots of them! I tend to dress in basic colors, but add my color through my accessories by adding a bright colored scarf, necklace, shoes, or watches! For my birthday this year I was […]

From the Editor: Introducing Francesca’s Fancy Flops

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. While I’m usually dreading the Arizona summer heat, I’m always looking forward to shedding my bomber jackets and leggings and slipping into crop tees and denim cutoffs. This summer I have one more thing to […]

Fashion News: Trend Report for Spring/Summer 2012

Another series of Fashion Weeks has come and gone and after seeing what has to come in Spring 2012, I’m jumping up and down with excitement! From the Underwater World themes of Chanel and Versace to the Baroque Flourishes of Thakoon and Stella McCartney, it […]

Conscious Fashion: Summer’s Here!

Summer can be a hard time for the conscious Fashionista. Swimsuits are typically made from synthetic materials (spandex, lycra, etc.) and when they’re made of anything else, they just look and feel downright weird.  Picking out a swimsuit can already be scary territory, but throwing […]

Funky Fixes: Cool Down with a Popsicle

Growing up I loved eating popsicles… scratch that, I still love eating popsicles. Luckily, popsicles can be enjoyed at any age and are the perfect treat to help you cool down in the summer. For a fun twist on popsicles, try making these frozen treats […]