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Conscious Fashion: Eco Pup

As man’s best friend and even an accessory to the stars, it’s clear that our canine friends deserve a little eco love too. Luckily, Cycle Dog feels the same way. Developed with the goal of turning old things new, Cycle Dog uses old bike tubes […]

Conscious Fashion: Local Wisdom

I’m convinced that, if my house was on fire, there is only one thing I would grab before dashing out of the crumbling building: my brown Steve Madden riding boots. These boots were a second-hand find and purchased for a mere 40 dollars, such a […]

Design DIY: Studded Collar

Pull out your BeDazzlers ladies! This popular 70s embellishing tool is essential to studding to your heart’s content. Sure, you could use a modern day studding tool found at your local craft store, but there’s something nostalgic about using a pink, plastic stud puncher. I […]

Beauty Box: Mango Madness

That gorgeous summer glow is certainly desirable for many this time of year. Along with that perfect sun-kissed tan, most people find themselves wanting a little extra color in their face. What better to enhance a natural beauty with a peach colored blush. Adding a […]

Linked to Fashion: Accessorize Your Summer

my favorite accessories I am a huge advocate for accessories and lots of them! I tend to dress in basic colors, but add my color through my accessories by adding a bright colored scarf, necklace, shoes, or watches! For my birthday this year I was […]

Linked to Fashion: Be Bright!

One of the trends of the season is bright colored denim and College Gloss gives us some pointers on the best way to pull off the look! The denim colors come anywhere from light pastels to intense pinks! If you follow the guidelines you’ll be […]

Linked to Fashion: Pinterest Inspiration

I think by now we’re all aware of the internet pinboard, Pinterest. You can pin anything and everything from food to fashion. It’s a great way to connect with people and find inspiration. The Next Great Generation’s Lindsey Jones wrote a great column on how […]

Designer Spotlight: RED WOLF treasures

For some of us college fashionistas, school is coming to end! Make way for spring/summer trends and styles! While many of you are refreshing your wardrobes with pastel denim, neon blouses and high tops, don’t forget to ditch the preppy pearls. This spring is all […]

Designer Spotlight: Rayna Jaye

Spring has shown us some amazing clothing trends, but amongst pastel denim and neon blazers are spotlight stealing accessories. Amongst minimalistic jewelry, gladiator sandals, aviator shades & canvas backpacks comes hair accessories. Ditch the braided buns and let your locks down,  Rayna Jaye ‘s turban style headbands are perfect for pairing […]

Designer Spotlight: Dank Artistry

  Any well-dressed fashionista knows that with any ensemble comes a certain vibe. The vibe is created with a basis (the clothing) and tweaked with a handful of accessories. Each accessory added to an outfit has the ability to take it from blandly thrown together […]