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Conscious Fashion: Obsessive Compulsive

Shoes in a line? Check. Purses straight? Check. Clothing arranged by color? Check. Okay, so maybe all of those don’t apply to you, but I think we can each admit that we have a little obsessive compulsive in us. These tendencies live strong and tend […]

Linked to Fashion: Spring Pastels

Spring has sprung and that means the return of the pastels!! College Gloss has put together five different shades and outfits to help us out with the spring pastel trend. Designers from Ralph Lauren to Marc Jacobs have recently used pastels in their runway shows […]

Conscious Fashion: Raven+Lily

When looking for eco-friendly designers and clothing lines, there is always a fine line between fashionable and frumpy. I’ve found that a lot of eco-friendly lines, although better for the environment, may not necessarily be better for your wardrobe. Luckily, Raven + Lily is the […]

Style Guru- Head to Toe in Print

Using hues from one main color when mixing patterns can create a very subtle look, while still showing your daring side. It’s visually stimulating for the eye, but in a refined way.  Tall people can get away this look.  Mixing patterns is supposed to be fun.   […]

From the Editor: Introducing Winsome

I like to think of myself as an internet wizard at times, finding the most random sites through ridiculous searches. It’s days like today that I pride myself on my interwebbing ablilities (yeah, I said interwebbing). Today, I stumbled onto a sweet street style fashion […]

Design DIY: Leather Bow

I had a third grade teacher who rocked a colossal bow everyday – we all made fun of her. But when I laid my eyes on this sweet leather bow – I found myself appreciating my elementary school teachers’ adornment. Albeit, this bow is much […]

Conscious Fashion: Junk to Funk

Recycling is based on the premise of reusing old materials to make new products. Trashion, a bold new trend, takes recycling one step further. Trashion earns its name through the fusion of trash and fashion. Junk to Funk is one organization that has pioneered this […]

Designer Spotlight: Clear Creek Cabin

  Spring style awareness month has been well on its way despite the influx of snow and freezing temperatures terrorizing the mid-west. Breaking out my sweater UGGS for the annoying climate previously titled “The Winter that Never Was” wasn’t too horrible, because I had many […]

The Style Guru: Animal Instinct

Whether it’s leopard print shoes or a zebra striped dress, animal print is something worth investing in.  It never really goes out of style and is very much in again this spring. How do you wear it properly? For instance, if your top is a […]

The Style Guru: Midriff Exposed

I hope completing one hundred stomach crunches a day made it to your New Year’s resolutions list. Why? 2012 is the year to expose the midriff.  Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Emilio Pucci’s runways sported the flashing of the midriff as if they […]