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Character Wear

Character Wear: Carrie Bradshaw

As I sat down one evening scanning through the television for something to watch, I came across the Sex and the City movie and knew that I had to use Carrie Bradshaw’s classy look for my column. With hope on the horizon, Carrie struts around […]

Character Wear: Ilsa Lund (Casablanca)

While looking through some old classic movies, I stumbled upon one that I had yet to actually see. Casablanca is a classic from1942 that deserves some recognition and a trip once more into the lime light. Set in Africa during World War II, an American […]

Character Wear: Baby (Dirty Dancing)

It’s time to put on your dancing shoes this week because Frances Houseman, better known as Baby, steps onto your screen in perfect summer-inspired attire from the classic movie, Dirty Dancing.  Baby goes away for summer vacation with her family to a holiday camp where […]

Character Wear: Sherrie Christian (Rock of Ages)

Characters Sherrie and Drew, both Hollywood newcomers, meet on the Sunset Strip and discover they share the mutual dream to make it big.  With rock ‘n’ roll telling the story of their romance, who knows where life will take them. An adaptation of the Broadway […]

Character Wear: Snow White (and the Huntsman)

With an evil queen in power and a strong mighty huntsman on the hunt, Snow White finds herself in a world of trouble in the twist on the original fairy tail.  Snow White and the Huntsman just hit theaters and being a lover of all […]

Character Wear: Benny Rodriguez

Classic summer movies may come few and far between but one that instantly comes to mind is The Sandlot.  When a new boy moves into the neighborhood, Benny Rodriguez takes him under his wing and introduces him to the intriguing world of baseball.  They get […]

Character Wear: Paige Collins

True love is something hard to find and when you find it, it seems as though nothing could ever break the bond.  But what if some tragic accident happened and left one person leaving the other clueless as to how to restore the loving memories […]

Character Wear: Black Widow

Calling all Superheros! There’s a war out there, a fashion war, and I’m here with Carbon Magazine, saving one fashion victim at a time.  Some might say I’m a hero but there’s no hero like Black Widow played by the tantalizing Scarlett Johansson in this […]

Character Wear: Annie Wilson

    With summer right around the corner I really wanted to give our readers something simple and stylish for those long summer days.  I was trying to think of characters with hip summer styles and who better than the babes of Beverly Hills 90210! […]

Character Wear: Annie Edison

Since this is my last Character Wear column, because my internship is ending, I thought I’d go out by talking about my favorite character on one of my favorite shows on TV (which happens to be on tonight, go watch it!), Community! Annie Edison is […]